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the search for a killer of an iraq war veteran. jackie bensen starts us off tonight. >> reporter: alonzo was an older student who came to howard last year on the gi bill after serving with the u.s. marine corps in iraq. in the year he was here he made a lot of friends and they are in shock tonight. >> it's sad to see someone go so young with so much potential. >> reporter: thomas played on howard's baseball team with alonzo. he can't believe the teammate is gone. >> just a cool guy to be around. he cracked jokes all the time. that was my buddy. i just seen him last week. that's the crazy thing about it. and then you get the news today and you will never see him again. >> reporter: along do was shot to death just after midnight on tuesday in mount rainier maryland. the police chief said it was a robbery gone bad. he was a sophomore music major at howard. this is the youtube video of a musical group he founded and wrote songs for. friends say he had it all, good looks, intelligence, talent and ambition tempered with humility and a desire to help others. >> his presence was big in the build
. >>> tonight word of a major victory for the u.s. in the war on terror leads to a warning that progress may have made things more dangerous for traveling americans. >>> good evening everyone i'm aaron gilchrist. we start with that developing story on travel alert issued by the government today following the death of anwar al awlaki. the state department is concerned that the american cleric's followers will try to retaliate by targeting u.s. citizens. the department urges citizens abroad to register for the smart traveller program. enroll online or the nearest u.s. embassy. it makes it easier to contact u.s. citizens. >>> we're learning more about the u.s. military reason to strike that killed anwar al awlaki. it also took out two other top al qaeda figures. intelligence officials say yesterday's strike in yemen killed saudi militant, al asiri. he created the underwear bombing and also killed samir khan. officials are calling it one of the most effective single blows to al qaeda since the war on terror began. >>> a dramatic change in our weather. most of us had to break ou
. >>> tonight amanda knox set free and preparing to return to the u.s. >> she was extremely worried and i think now she is relieved. >> we'll hear from the knox family and the first reaction from relatives of meredith kercher. >>> record cold in washington. what awaits you in the morning. >> and the community's concern after findings of a multiyear study of a cancer cluster in maryland. >> i'm jim vance. >> and iwendy rieger. >>> amanda knox has been released after four years in prison. tonight it is still not clear what happened inside that the house that knox shared with roommate meredith kercher while they studied abroad. aaron gilchrist joins us with the latest. >> reporter: amanda knox is believed to be in rome tonight with her family a hundred miles from the prison cell she called home for four years. a jury overturned her murder conviction saying that knox and her boyfriend simply did not commit the crime a flood of emotions from amanda knox, a jury deciding to overturn her murder conviction. she had to be helped from the courtroom as the judge ordered her freed immediately.
but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. >>> tonight, new video of casey anthony in jail and her first move when she learned caylee eremain mains had been found. >>> tomorrow you might need something other than a coat. >>> local retookds a the killing of a top al qaeda leader and the secret memo that authorized the strike. i'm doreen gentzler. >> and i'm wendy rieger. starting tomorrow getting caught with a cell phone while you are driving will mean a point on your license. drivers can not send or read text. it does not mean if you are in motion or stopped at a light. but there are questions about thousand thou law be enforced. let's get the latest live from darcy spencer. >> reporter: as you know, cell phones have many features now. you have your calendar and contact list. you have p
cell phone was found on the wilson bridge. someone has been using his credit card. >>> united in anger, the occupy wall street protests have now gone global. people across europe and asia took part in protests today, showing their solidarity with the movement that began four weeks ago in new york. francis co reports. >> reporter: thousands gathered at the crossroads of the world saturday. as those involved with occupy wall street took their message to times square. earlier hundreds more marched through the streets of new york city to washington square, to protest an unfair economic and political system. >> this is people from all walks of life knowing that they have to fight for their country now or are we're going to lose it. >> reporter: across the united states, from southern california to south carolina. groups inspired by occupy wall street joined the day of protests. >> the people of the world need to come together to bring real change. >> reporter: all across the globe, people did come together showing solidarity with the occupy proceed tests and echoing their concerns. demonstr
four years but, we couldn't have made it through it out all you out here who supported us. and especially amanda. >> reporter: for years she maents -- maintained her innocence. and appealed court overturned her conviction. on monday knox broke down when she heard the verdict. now it is tears of joy. in italy the prosecution says it plans to appeal the ruling. the kercher family says they are still no closer to the truth. one suspect, rudy guede is serving a 16-year sentence in connection with kercher's murder. >>> investigators are looking to what caused a helicopter to crash into new york city's east river near mid-town manhattan today. one tourist was killed and four others survived. the pilot was very experienced and was able to swim to a dock. the tourists were a british couple their adult daughter and their friend. their daughter died. the new york city trip was to celebrate her 40th birthday. >>> an entire community in prince george's county may have to move. a foreclosure controversy could force people out of their homes in district heights maryland. some of the nei
. police announced they found the body of william mcquain in clarksburg, maryland investigators used the cell phones of the boy and his stepfather to narrow their search. they recovered video from a storage unit showing the two of them the day that the boy went missing. shomari stone is in clarksburg now with reaction to all this and the reason that some parents are angry with william's school. >> reporter: the parents are upset with william's school for announcing on the pa system that the police found the body that was believed to be william. they wanted the school to send a letter home with the parents and athem to talk with their kids about what happened. people are paying tribute and dropping off candles and flags all things to show tribute and honor him. mary beth drove her son to this memorial honoring 11-year-old william mcquain. y it's sad. >> it is hard and sad it is close by. i just feel really bad for the family. >> reporter: police found the body of what is believed to be the 11-year-old along the road. video helped break the case. a camera recorded william and his stepf
so often end in tragedy. but tonight there is celebration. jackie bensen joins us live from richmond with the latest. >> reporter: the odds were against this little boy and he defied them all. >> no one on the team ever gave up. and i have to say that there was some times that you just had to reach down and find that faith that you were going to find him and whether it's appropriate or not for everyone, there is a god. he listens to prayer. and prayers were answered. >> reporter: it was an emotional, joyful and a week of searching for robert wood, jr. with cold weather coming it didn't look good for the boy. he is autistic and cannot speak. he was fourd near a wreak about a mile from where he disappeared during a walk with his family on sunday. one can only imagine the boy's fear during a long scary night in the woods. but doctors at vcu medical center say he is doing very well despite being exposed to the elements. >> when he first arrived he was looking at us. he was surprisingly cooperative with the evaluations and when he saw his mother he looked at her and smiled. that was heart
home from theater. shomari stone joivs us live. >> reporter: police have roped off this area. they have been searching in this area over here over the last three hours. investigators told me a man was on his bike and gunned down on the 1600 block of north capital street. he was pronounced dead at a hospital. police looked for clues. now we don't know if this was a random shooting. the police are looking for a suspect. the people in the neighborhood said they heard at least six shots fired. this area got attention in january of last year when someone shot a man who was in this area by the triangle. police want your help solving that crime but urge anyone with information about this latest shooting to give them a call. live in d.c. i'm shomari stone. back to you. >>> a developing story out of texas right now. look at this video just into the newsroom this evening. this is lubbock getting pounded by a duststorm. it had wind gusts up to 70 miles per hour. it is reducing visibility to zero. several roads have been shut down tonight and officials are asking residents to stay off the roads unl
of their demonstration permit, protesters learned they could stay for up to four months. u.s. park police said they would have to share their space with other events. rec and his wife traveled from their home in hawaii and plan to stay as long as they can. >> we got here on the 5th. we have been here the 6th, 7th, 8th, every day. and we're going to stay. we're marching -- we're not marching. we're going to the capitol tomorrow. there is a plan for something. >> reporter: the protesters represent a variety of anti-war and anti-corporate issues. >> in 2010 there were 30,000 climate refugees in asia alone and hundreds of thousands of people died from climate related issues. >> i think it is giving them more time to go on with their protest on corporate america. >> washington is unique that as the center of the nation's government it is experienced at hosting demonstrations, protests and other large events. there have been no complaints from surrounding businesses but that could change as things go on. reporting from freedom la za, jackie bensen, news4. >>> criminals and drug addicts are trying to crash the
will the start charging a $5 monthly fee to customers who use debit cards to make purchases. >>> amanda knox is weighing her future now that he is out of prison and back in the states. her college career was cut short after being jailed and charged with the murder of her roommate while studying in italy. her parents racked up millions of dollars in debt in their efforts to free her. amanda knox expected lucrative tv and book offers. well-known people including donald trump have offered financial support to the family. >>> an audio recording of michael jackson became evidence in the trial of his physician, dr. conrad murray. murray is charged with involuntary manslaughter in jackson's death and the jury heard a recording of jackson six weeks before he died his speech incoherent and slurred. [ indiscernible ]. >>> prosecutors say the recording shows dr. murray regularly kept jackson sedated. >>> coming up, we're going to tell you high howe a guy got rid of an intruding with a guitar. >>> a push to make cigarettes >>> according to the united nations, a chemical called methyl bromide is destroyi
used two of the knives to stab a woman in the neck and shoulder outside a target store next door. >> the entire time she is walking like this. she's walking and she is knocking the two knives together. >> reporter: a witness found an off duty police officer at a starbucks and the officer found the woman outside the target and the suspect was walking on a nearby road. >> she produced two knives and did not listen to orders to drop the knives or to halt. she proceeded to weak down the street. >> reporter: police tasered the suspect. she and the bleeding victim were transported to a nearby hospital. this isn't the first time that she is accused stabbing someone. she was charged with stab two people at the montgomery mall. that is similar to this stabbing outside the target store. she was released from the mental hospital 60 days ago. >> it is disturbing that the same individual is involved in a similar crime. >> reporter: that is what a lot of folks are talking about out here. the victim is in stable condition. police have not released her name. antnet starks is expected to have a f
for the holidays. >> more than 4400 u.s. service members have died since the fighting in iraq began in 2003. 32,000 have been wounded in combat. the cost of the war was between 7 and $800 billion. >>> in labia there are new celebrations more than 24 hours after moammar gadhafi was killed. there are questions about when he will be buried. on sunday there this be celebrations to mark a formal day of liberation in libya. >>> a montgomery county former teacher is now a free woman. a jury came back with a not guilty verdict in the case against susan burke. the former first grade teacher was accused of choking students. this video outraged the community but tonight two metro transit police officers will not face charges for their actions. they were facing federal criminal service rights actions after their arrest of a man in a wheelchair on u street. video was posted on youtube. the justice department released a statement saying there is not enough evidence to pursue charges against them. >>> the republican presidential candidate herman cain is making changes to his 9-9-9 plan, changes that he says w
to meet up with a piece of energy. produce a coastal storm and, yes, give us our first snowfall of the season at least for some of us. i'll show you who i think gets what coming up in just a few minutes. >> thanks, doug. >>> also tonight a murder for hire plot in northern virginia. police say a woman tried to finance a hit man. jackie bensen has our report. >> reporter: she allegedly wanted to hire a hit man to kill her romantic rival, but she apparently had a limited budget. according to court documents in the case, loudoun county school bus driver angenene cinnamon made some efforts to hire a hit man. first there was the choice of the go-between. a man she met in august on a website called be naughty. according to the criminal affidavit, quote, he said he would see if he could help her and then contacted the fbi. they met to discuss the plan at her sterling townhouse, unaware the fed were now watching and listening. cinnamon negotiated a bargain basement fee of $500 down from $1,000. however, she refused to pay the hit man's airfare to virginia. but agents say she couldn't rai
, darcy spencer. news 4. >>> team coverage takes us to western fairfax county where people reported funnel clouds. we look at the damage there. >> here at vienna at the intersection one of the hardest hit areas. hunters mill road and wickens road. the winds came through here. it snapped branches like this. nothing compared to this. there was a tree that snapped in half and it hit this light pole. if you move to the left, these guys are from dominion. they're trying to restore the power to this area. >> frightening. >> lights out for elizabeth habibi and residents after heavy winds swept through neighborhoods. >> the winds came storming in. the power went out immediately. >> her and her team trap in a whirlwind of worry. >> rain battering the win does, trees were coming -- branches all over the place. we stayed in our basement. >> she took a walk after the storm shocked to see -- >> the trampoline hanging in the tree. >> and power lines hanging across the road. >> that was freaky when i saw that. >> dominion crews responded to the scene and 5,000 homes are without power. >> the damage in th
pregnant before marriage. shamari joins us live from tyson's tonight. >> that was devastating for all of them. prosecutors were surprised that the jury came back to the courtroom and recommended that the judge sentence her to 35 years behind bars. carmelo de la rosa showed no emotion when they announced her guilty for killing her 2-year-old grand daughter. family members were distraught outside of the courthouse. >> what effect does this have on your family? >> it's sad for everything. >> she threw her off of the six-level tyson corner mall walkway last november, the toddler died hours later. the defense was surprised. >> disappointed. >> they tried to prove chef mentally ill, depressed, didn't know right from wrong. >> you tried to say she was insame. do you think she is? >> absolutely? >> why did the jury reach that decision? >> you'll have to ask them. >> they said she coldly planned to kill the girl because she hated her son-in-law for getting her daughter pregnant before marriage and taking her away from the family. some of you might say 35 years is a relatively light sentence fo
in buoy. tonight, for the first time, she is telling her story. shomari stone joins us live with the exclusive. >> reporter: marianne says she is sharing the horror she is experienced on tuesday. she had a target bag and put in the the trunk and the suspect stabbed her twice in the back and one in the head. her injuries are too graphic to show on camera and she is out of the hospital. >> i feel lucky. >> reporter: marianne breaks her silence. police say that antoinette starkings stabbed the mother of two several times in an unprovoked attack. >> how does it feel to be home? >> i feel blessed to be here. >> reporter: she just finished shopping at target. suddenly ms. starks stabbed her twice in the back and fwhuns the head. >> comes up from behind and strikes me. >> reporter: she turned around. >> when i realized she did it i just ran. i mean there was nothing else i could do. >> reporter: when she was running away a witness found an office duty police officer across the parking lot. the police arrested ms. starks. she was holding two knives. this video from inside the shoppe
is in the fairfax county jail held without bond. >> a new study shows using your cell phone regularly does not increase your risk of brain cancer. researchers in denmark examined 350,000 people over 17 years. it is the largest study on cell phone risks ever done. back in may the world health organization put cell phones in the same carcinogenic category as dd it. and gas exhaust. medical experts say any potential cell phone risk can be reduced by using an ear piece. >> still ahead on "news4 at 11," hurricane force winds in an unusual place. the video straight ahead. >> and as >>> there's some news happening in northern virginia. a shooting on the outskirts of old town alexandria. police say a man was shot and wounded and say he's not cooperating with police. the gunman got away. they how the the man hopped on a metro plane that was later stopped and searched. officers, however, found nothing in that search. we'll have more on this tomorrow morning on "news4 today," starting at 4:30. >> in the san francisco area today, this happened right after 8 million people had taken part in a statewide
a little fender bender. oh, jerry, i'm so sorry. i would love to help but remember, you dropped us last month. yeah, you know it's funny. it only took 15 minutes to sign up for that new auto insurance company but it's taken a lot longer to hear back. is your car up a pole again? [ crying ] i miss you, jessica! jerry, are you crying? no, i just, i bit my tongue. [ male announcer ] get to a better state. state farm. . >>> breaking news. a car plunge into the canal in northwest washington. aaron gilchrist joins us live from the intersection. how did this happen? >> reporter: that is a really good question right now. this is bizarre. the police are investing this. let me show you what we have seen. if you look into the canal you see the piece of white metal in the water near the bridge? that we believe is the back of a truck that went into the canal around 9:00 this evening. how it got there we don't know. there is a road there, a dirt path if you will. i think that is the capital crescent trail which starts down in georgetown. we are at fox hall and canal road. so it seems as though the ve
to tell us if we >>> we're continuing to follow breaking news tonight out of northwest d.c., a man has been shot to death at w street and georgia avenue. that is just stepped away from howard university hospital. this is the university's homecoming weekend. we have a crew on the scene there as we speak. and, of course, you can tune in tomorrow morning for more details. as the police investigation continues, you should avoid georgia avenue, because there's pretty bad traffic through there right now. >>> a moving tribute today to say good-bye to an indy car driver, dan wheldon, killed in a fiery crash last weekend in las vegas. fellow drivers, celebrities and fans came out to pay their respects. adrian peterson has more from st. petersburg, florida. >> we lost a great friend. we love speed, we take risks, we don't understand tragedy like today. >> in a sport where speed is king, members of the racing family struggle to comprehend dan wheldon's death on the track. >> he is champion of our sport, he's everything you would want to be on and off the track, and good has to come of this, has t
's the freeze warning, and really it does encompass just about everyone who's watching us this evening, you will be at or at least close to freezing. our storm system which brought us the rain, wind and snow is out of here, that's the good news. what's coming in behind it, and just how low will our numbers go. a lot of people waking up early tomorrow for the marine corps marathon. we'll show you how cold it will be. >> if you live east of i-95, you probably saw little if anything in the way of snow. just a few miles away, though, an unusual sight for october that caught some people offguard. derek ward spent the day in lose burg. one of the first spots to start seeing the snowfall. >> reporter: at this facility, trucks got their loads and the chilly rainy skies and road surfaces that were just wet. more than 200 trucks were out on virginia roadways, a few minutes drive southwest and efforts were appreciated it looked more like november than the end of october. >> i think it shouldn't be snowing on halloween. >> reporter: we're still technically in hurricane season. for most, this kind of we
sexually assaulted more than seven women while pretending to be a cop. they say he was in the act of using a fake badge when he was busted. two weeks ago police say he attacked a 17-year-old girl and targeted another woman four hours later. >>> a lot of angry metro passengers tonight perhaps exhausted at was. the escalators at the bethesda station broke down in the evening rush hour. tonight they let metro have it. jackie bensen now with more on this. >> caller: jim, 275 feet straight up. that's the stair climb at this station when the escalators are broken. 6:25 p.m. moments after one of three escalators stopped working, another one came to a halt. >> need to get off the escalator, please. >> really? >> not much to tell. we stepped on the escalator and it stopped. >> reporter: metro engineers went to work but the fixes on the escalators at this station and others are not holding. it's not a pretty climb at the end of the workday. >> this is my workout for the week. >> it's tough. >> we don't care that you said why it's out. it's out. it's off. >> reporter: frustrated riders and business l
, but again a little jealousy, you know there's competition between us. [ caroline ] he's out in the observatory every night too, so i definitely need to find another one. ♪ >>> after a spurtering start, the packers 5-0 with a victory. aaron rodgers continues to amaze. 26 of 39 for 396 yards and two touchdowns and remarkably 12 different receivers caught passes from rodgers tonight. he will receive questions from michele tafoya. >> michele: aaron, you guys were down 14-0. you lose your left tackle chad liveton and then you got to kind of shuffle the offensive line. how did you adjust not only to stay in, but take over this game? >> we just stayed patient. you know? it was a tough game. i took a lot of shots and had to move around a little bit and shuffled marshall to the left side and running derek to the right side. they did a great job. you know? it was one of those games. the rhythm wasn't there all the time but we just stayed with it and stayed patient and knew the big plays were going to come and the defense did a great job after of first two drives. >> michele: you fou
. >> it doesn't make your feel safe. >> reporter: police want us to remind you that your children should walk in pairs going to school. i can't count how many times you see kids walking by themselves. you might want to remind them to be vigilant. i'm shomari stone. back to you. >>> more rattled nerves after another aftershock in central virginia. the 3.0 magnitude trim baltimore the 42nd aftershock to hit after the earthquake back in august. it hit around lunchtime and students were forced to evacuate two schools. >> everyone was rushing to the doors and just freaking out. they didn't know what the do. >> the aftershock happened during a meeting about a decision to deny emergency assistance funds to louisa county. 1,300 homes were damaged in the quake on august 23nd. the damage is estimated at $15 million. >>> in the direct they will begin removing parts of the national cathedral that were damaged in that earthquake. they will start tomorrow morning. the work will begin on stabilizing the cathedral's grand pin call and the central tower. beginning next week engineers à informed the washingto
involving children. awful news and tough for us to report. jackie bensen talked with the police chief and has the report. >> reporter: jim i can tell you that none of the officers here at the scene in clarksburg where 11-year-old william mcquain's body were found yesterday will be able to get the image out of their mind. >> whenever i was out people would ask me about the case. >> reporter: professionalism and compassion those are the two traits that the officers displayed when the unrelated murders of two children, william mcquain and jessica nguyen filled the headlines. the search that started two weeks ago ended yesterday. the boy was found dead in a wooded area in clarksburg by cops with tears in their eyes. >> these detectives had a chance to know william. >> one of my detectives really put it in perspective. he said that you know, for two weeks you know we have been searching for this boy not knowing where he was. at that moment he was in our care and custody and make sure he was taken care of. >> what tore at the officers was security camera video from a gas station that the wi
about medical issues. >> i had an aunt that used to say to me all the time a man proposes god disposes. there it is. >> trust your instincts. >>> so we have a nice weekend inn& the d. 'we rig one coming. night. a fantastic weekend heading to the holiday weekend. 75 is the high temperature today. the warmest day so far this month but each day through the weekend will be warmer as we continue on this nice warm stretch. 60 is the current temperature. the dew point that is the temperature we could get close to overnight tonight. will the be on the cool side tomorrow morning. temperatures right now 54 in martens burg 50 in frederick. ng. qc 6. look at this. this is the satellite picture. pittsburgh, richmond, new york all clear right now. we will continue to stay clear right on through the weekend. that means abundant sunshine. the high pressure is dominating. that's why we have the sunshine. tomorrow we get warmer. today warmer tomorrow is warm with a temperature close to 78 degrees and some areas near 80 degrees. fredericksburg could see 80 degrees. sunday everybody gets to 80 degrees. an
-- national cemetery. it will hon north chor the chap. the 150th anniversary of service by rabbis in the u.s. armed forces. the blockbuster biography of steve jobs hits stores tomorrow. it is written by walter isaacson and offers insight into how the apple co-founder operated in business and his personal life. it comes one day after another important anniversary. ten years ago today, the apple ipod was released to the public. >>> and the 36th annual marine corps marathon set for this sunday, marines plan to welcome, 43,000 runners including our own chuck bell and 100,000 spectators. the 26.2 mile course runs through parts of arlington and washington. expect several road closures sunday morning starting as early as 4:00 a.m. through 1:00 p.m. >>> still to come tonight on news 4 at 11:00. the hunt is on for a great white shark after an american diver was killed. what authorities are doing to protect others. also the drama high above the ground at the vatican. that interrupted sunday mass. and, hollywood comes to washington. stars hit the red carpet at the kennedy center to honor a very funnel
deploying pepper spray. c.j. said the group was here to demonstrate against the use of unmanned drones. >> before we got inside, i was just behind people. and then i was getting a stream of mace in the face. they didn't say anything to me. they just opened it up. >> people got maced immediately by the smithsonian security guard. >> reporter: a spokesman said a crowd of up to 200 protesters with signs and banners tried to enter the museum on the mall side. those items are not allowed inside. she said one security officer was pinned against the wall, another officer deployed his pepper spray. they left tourists sitting on the front steps. no way to get in. >> all of a sudden i was just a couple of feet from the door and people started running. and my eyes and my throat and my nose started stinging. it was pepper spray. >> reporter: the group leading the demonstration was joined by protesters from occupy d.c. >> they let me go. they took me downstairs, and said i was resisting arrest. i said that's absurd. i'm highly trained in peaceful nonviolent protests. >> reporter: they confirm sever
used my citi simplicity card to pick up a few things. and i don't have to worry about a late fee. which is good... no! bigger! bigger! [ monica ] ...because i don't think we're going anywhere for a while. [ male announcer ] write your story with the new citi simplicity card. no late fees. no penalty rate. no worries. get started at and you'll get a bonus. you get 10% off your groceries. [ male announcer ] save 10% on your groceries when you get a flu shot. that should make you feel better already. safeway. ingredients for life. >> without a doubt the worst thing i have ever seen in my racing career honestly. >> tragedy on the track, a fiery collision send four indy car drivers to the hospital, and tonight the racing world mourns the loss, one of its up and coming stars. >> good evening, everyone. i'm aaron gilcrest. dan wheldon fought from the back of the pack at the las vegas 300. tonight wheldon's fellow drivers are trying to make sense of the accident that happened in a flash and ended his young life. >> we welcome you to las vegas motor speedway. >> it started li
audi a6 is here. the road is now an intelligent place. join us in making the road more intelligent by taking the pledge at ♪ ♪ >> al: as we come back, the officials had a discussion. they ruled the ball down at the 1 yard line. we want to show you something. this is called -- it was into the end zone. it comes back out. but if the ball hits the goal line, it's a touchback. >> cris: even though he comes in and re-establishes both feet down. we're going to get a challenge now. >> al: baltimore should have the ball at the 20 yard line. they're seeing the same thing we're seeing. >> cris: it's easy to do. he gets both feet re-estabilshed despite the fact he was in the goal line. >> referee: the ruling on the field is first touched by the kicker at the 1 yard line is being challenged by baltimore. >> al: so when mike goes over the hood and seize the ball hit the goal line, it will come to the 20. 's faster, thinner and lighter. and with the power of verizon connected almo let's say you want to download a bestseller at the beac
want to lose a game. or back to back games. so this will be a week for us to get as much as we can out of the tape, get the most we can out of practice and take the step forward. >> john beck bounced around like a pain ball. buffalo bills, had four sacks all season long. got to beck nine games. the most sacks an offensive line has given up since 1978. coming up on redskins final. more player reaction, and the sideline blowup between leron landry and london fletcher. >> dan, thank you. also coming up, the road doesn't get any easier. six and one, san francisco coming into town the they have won five in a row. this just could get ugly. could go from 3-1, i don't want to say it to 3-5. >> don't then. >> yes, sir. >> millions of people, still in the dark tonight after that early winter storm yesterday. the storm dropped anywhere from a dugs hesting to 30 inches in hampshire. heavy snow knocked down trees that have not shed all leaves. thousands of people could be without power for at least a week. >> a ain't got nothing. like you are freezing. you're, you're worried about the food. just we
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